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Which Lamborghini has the best acceleration?

Friday, December 1st, 2017
Lamborghini Huracan Performante orange side view at Nurburgring

What is the fastest Lamborghini ever?

Lamborghini has made some wickedly fast cars over the years, but what is the fastest Lamborghini ever? This is actually a difficult question, as fast can mean something different depending on who is asking. Are we talking about lap times or acceleration times? Either way, we have some answers. (more…)

Fuel efficiency numbers for the Aventador S Coupe and Roadster

Friday, November 17th, 2017
Lamborghini Aventador S rear view yellow

What is the MPG for a Lamborghini Aventador S?

Most people actually looking to buy an Aventador are not going to be concerned about things like fuel efficiency, but it is still a curious question. What is the mpg for a Lamborghini Aventador S? We have some answers along with some other fun information and statistics. (more…)

Where is the engine in a Huracan or Aventador?

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017
Lamborghini Huracan Performante engine

Are Lamborghini models mid-engined or rear engined?

Do you want to know where the engine is in a Lamborghini? Are Lamborghini models mid-engined or rear engined? We have all your answers and more right here. Find out what layout Lamborghini uses, and why they use it! (more…)

Are there any special edition Huracan models?

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017
Lamborghini Huracan Avio silver side view

What is the Lamborghini Huracan Avio?

The Huracan is a beautiful machine in its own right, but if you were looking for something a little different, you may want to consider the Avio special edition. What is the Lamborghini Huracan Avio? We have all your answers right here. (more…)

How does four-wheel steering work?

Friday, October 20th, 2017
Lamborghini Aventador S Coupe Green on a track

What are the advantages of Lamborghini four-wheel steering?

You may have heard of the latest Lamborghini, the Aventador S, but did you know that it has four-wheel steering? That’s a huge deal, and we are here to explain all the advantages of Lamborghini four-wheel steering while also delving into how this unique system works. (more…)

Why do some carbon fiber Lamborghini parts look different?

Wednesday, October 11th, 2017
Forged Composites texture

What are Lamborghini Forged Composites®?

Have you noticed unique parts on Lamborghini models that sort of look like carbon fiber and seem to have the same strength? Lamborghini calls those special materials Forged Composites®. What are Lamborghini Forged Composites®? We have your answers right here. (more…)

4 Classic Films that Featured a Lamborghini

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017
1993 lamborghini diablo

Popular Movies with a Lamborghini in Them 

With their unbridled power and beautiful designs, it’s no wonder films have used different models of Lamborghini over the years. Whether it is a mysterious billionaire, slick super villain or a lucky dimwit, a variety of characters have shown off with a Lamborghini in movies for numerous decades. Here are 4 popular movies with a Lamborghini in them. (more…)

Will there be an Aventador S Roadster?

Friday, September 8th, 2017
Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster front side view

Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster release date

We’ve been hearing about the Aventador S for quite some time. We’ve detailed all its specifications here and we’ve shown it off with numerous pictures, but it has only ever existed in coupe form, until now. The Aventador S is getting a Roadster model and we have all the details including the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster release date. (more…)

Lamborghini at The Quail in Pebble Beach

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017
Lamborghini at Monterey Car Week

Commemorative Lamborghini models at Monterey car week

Three commemorative Lamborghini models were unveiled at Monterey car week, showing off the power of the Ad Personam program. Take a look at what models Lamborghini choose and what color combinations they went with right here. (more…)

What are the Centenario and Veneno Roadster models?

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017
Lamborghini Centenario one-off side view

Lamborghini one-off models and concepts

Lamborghini has been making beautiful machines for decades. Often even more extravagance can be found in the Lamborghini one-off models and concepts. See for yourself as we explore some of these hot models and talk about what makes them unique. (more…)