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The Parts Department at Lamborghini Palm Beach maintains a comprehensive inventory of high quality genuine OEM parts. Our highly knowledgeable staff is here to answer your parts inquiries. Should we not carry a part for which you're searching, we can always order it for you and receive it within a timely manner.

What Happens After I Order a Part?

If you know the name or part number of your item, please use our online form to place an order. Otherwise, feel free to call 888-694-3065 and a Parts Department specialist will determine exactly what you need. Upon submitting your information we will:

  • Respond to you promptly via your preferred contact method.
  • Ask any additional questions required to identify your parts request.
  • Confirm your order and pricing.


Genuine Lamborghini Parts
Carbon Fiber Wing for Aventador's$5,200 Installed

Huracan Aero-Kit

Includes front splitter, side skirts, rear diffuser, rear wing. Genuine Automobili Lamborghini parts made from robust, light composite and wind tunnel tested.

Please call for pricing.

Huracan Central-lock Rims

Forged from light, hard-wearing aluminium alloy specifically selected by Automobili Lamborghini, the center-lock conversion kit and exclusive rims re-vamp your Huracán with an unmistakably sporty, unique look while remaining faithful to the pioneering design that bespeaks all the vehicles and Accessori Originali of Sant'Agata Bolognese.

Available with red or black center lock lug. Please call for pricing.



Huracan Aesthetic Kit

Creating the perfect look is a matter of details. You can customize your Huracan and make it truly unique with this set of racing stripes and rear view mirrors. The kit is available in three colors (Matte Black, Glossy Black and Glossy Red) designed to create an aggressive contrasting effect on all the standard paintwork of the Huracan range. The bonnet stripes will not damage the underlying paintwork in any way even when removed or after a long period of use. They're the ideal alternative to painted stripes. The perfect look, find yours. Please Call for Pricing.

Gallardo Connectivity Unit

 Please call for pricing.


Car Covers

The aggressive, yet elegant lines of your Lamborghini will be protected and highlighted by this car cover that's specially designed to protect your supercar.

The material used in the cover, called Interlock, is engineered to be compatible with the paints used by Automobili Lamborghini, which are caressed by the synthetic fiber that protects against scratches and dust.

This indoor cover is perfect when parking in any enclosed area for either a short or a long time.


Battery Tender

Your Lamborghini is the perfect car for those great occasions and important moments. That’s why it’s so important for it to be ready

to go at all times by making sure the battery is always charged.

The Battery Maintainer preserves your battery - during both short and long periods when the vehicle is not being used - by charging it without wearing it out, thus

preventing it from discharge by lights, the radio or even the anti-theft system. You’ll always be ready to roll.


battery tender

Factory Race Exhaust

The engine in your Lamborghini will let you hear its own true roar. You won't be disappointed. Trust Lamborghini Palm Beach with the installation of a factory Race Exhaust for an exhilarating driving experience. All this without affecting the warranty on your Lamborghini, and with the peace-of-mind that comes with a certified product from the Accessori Originali Automobili Lamborghini line.

Available for Aventador, Huracan, and 09-14 Gallardo. Please call for pricing.


Seat Covers

Whether you're the driver or a passenger, sitting in a Lamborghini raises your heart rate. So, to ensure peace of mind, it's essential to preserve such excitement by using this special seat cover to protect the seats of your Lamborghini when they're not being used.

Steering Wheel Covers

A sure grip on the wheel of your Lamborghini generates power and adrenaline. So, this vital component must be protected when your supercar is taking a break. A perfect fit guarantees that the wheel will be kept free from dust, even when the car is not used for days on end.


floor mats

Carbon Floor Mats

There's no detail in your Lamborghini supercar that Accessori Originali hasn't thought of. You can even customize its floor mats. The combination of carbon fiber, leather and custom stitching creates a unique product that harmonizes perfectly with your Lamborghini's colors and trim.

Please call for pricing and availability.

carbon x-frame

Carbon X-Frame

The engine compartment of your AVENTADOR houses the component that turned Automobili Lamborghini into a legendary icon. Accessori Originali provides the part you need to add a finishing touch to your engine compartment: "X-frame", in sturdy, light, sporty carbon fiber with exclusive external weave. A sporting heart right down to the last detail.

For Avantador. Please call for pricing.

trim panels

Carbon Fiber Engine Bay Trim Panels

For Huracan. Please call for pricing.


Aventador red

Forged Carbon Kit

Turn your Lamborghini into an exclusive, Full-Forged Aventador with this Forged Carbon Kit. A brilliant example of the cutting edge technology developed in Sant'Agata Bolognese, every component is produced following a patented process, reducing general weight and delivering an unmatched aesthetic.
Please call for pricing.


Aventador Central-lock Rims

Please call for pricing.


hardtop bags

Hardtop Bags

The hard top is the element that most strikingly sets the AVENTADOR ROADSTER apart. So, it must be protected carefully and stored when it's not being used. Accessori Originali enables you to do just that, and with the same style that distinguishes every Lamborghini. Carbon fiber, precious leather and hi-tech fabrics envelop your Hard Top, so you can put it away and protect it in complete safety, in the place you feel is most convenient. The bags also have convenient hooks that allow you to hang the hard top on the garage wall, right next to your AVENTADOR ROADSTER. All you have to do is open the zippers and slide in the hard top.

Aventador - $2,200.00

side logo

Aventador SV Side Logo

Available in black or silver and small or large.

Small logo (434 mm x 270 mm) $699.99 Installation Included
Large logo (1,042 mm x 390 mm) $899.99 Installation Included
spoiler control

Rear Spoiler Control

Technology is nothing without control - and it also needs to be seen! This kit will allow you to control your AVENTADOR's mobile rear spoiler from the passenger compartment with a simple click, leaving you free to keep it in the rest position or extend it even with the vehicle stopped.

For Aventador. Please call for details and pricing.


Diamond Rim Badge

Fits most Lamborghinis. $1,250/set

Huracan Door Lights

 Please call for pricing.

Lamborghini Track and Play

Track and Play Control Unit

Call For Price

Lamborghini Parking Cushions
Lamborghini Parking Cushions

Parking Cushions

 Please call for pricing.

Aventador Map Updates

To get the very best out of your driving experiance, your navigation system must always meet your needs and expectations. That's why Automobili Lamborghini offers this map update, available for all Aventador models with navigation system. Every road at your disposal, whatever your destination.

 Please call for pricing.

Please speak with our trade advisor for more information.