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Where to buy pre-owned exotic vehicles in South Florida

Exotic used cars in West Palm Beach, FL

High quality exotic vehicles are not easy to find. If you are searching for the perfect Italian performance car or luxury German car in South Florida, then your search may have come to an end. At Lamborghini Palm Beach, we have an extensive used exotic car inventory right here in West Palm Beach, FL.

Exotic brands in our inventory

At Lamborghini Palm Beach, we have a wide variety of pre-owned exotic vehicles in our inventory. We have everything from luxury sedans and SUVs to extreme performance machines. Here is a brief list of the brands that you can expect to find in our inventory.

Aston Martin








Land rover




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This is just a short sampling of the types of vehicles you can expect to find right here at Lamborghini Palm Beach. In addition to that list, you can routinely find American classic cars as well as foreign rarities. No matter which vehicle you are interested in, you can be sure that it is of a pristine quality that you will not find anywhere else.

Lamborghini Miura front view

Quality exotic vehicles in Palm Beach

Every vehicle in our showroom and in our inventory has been meticulously inspected and carefully reviewed to ensure that it will give you the one of a kind experience that you are expecting from an exotic vehicle. You want the best from your exotic vehicle purchase, and with our expert team, Lamborghini Palm Beach always delivers.

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Exotic vehicle service in South Florida

If you already own an exotic vehicle, or even a collection of vehicles, it can be difficult to part with one, even for routine service and maintenance. It still needs to be done though, and the team at Lamborghini Palm Beach can handle it all for you.

You don’t even have to drive down to see us. We will provide complimentary pick up and drop off for any service that your vehicle may need. And yes, we specialize in Lamborghini. For a price breakdown of our Lamborghini maintenance services, head over to our service page.

New Lamborghini in West Palm Beach

In addition to our full inventory of pre-owned exotic vehicles, we also have an extensive selection of new Lamborghini models. If you want to live the Lamborghini lifestyle, then check out our collection of Lamborghini apparel and accessories in our boutique.