Front console of the Lamborghini Revuelto

Get Bedazzled by the Lamborghini Telemetry System at the LA CES Show!

Future of Track Driving with Lamborghini Telemetry X in Palm Beach, FL  

Lamborghini Telemetry X steals the spotlight at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show by revolutionizing the driving game. At Lamborghini Palm Beach, we’re thrilled to introduce this groundbreaking system, promising an unparalleled track experience for our Palm Beach, FL, buyers. Interested to learn more about the Lamborghini Telemetry X? Continue reading!  

Threefold Innovation for Ultimate Thrills  

Telemetry X converges three cutting-edge systems as a result of collaboration with Accenture. The Real-Time Remote Garage offers remote coaching, the Biometric Data System personalizes your drive, and the Digital Co-Pilot ensures assistance.  

Watch the Video by Lamborghini 

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Experience the Future Today with Lamborghini in Florida

Telemetry X sets a new standard for those pursuing a new Lamborghini in Florida. Explore the dynamic Huracan and Aventador models, each embodying the epitome of performance and style. Discover the Huracan and Aventador for sale at Lamborghini Palm Beach. Schedule a test drive today!