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Differences between the 4- and 5-passenger Urus configurations

How many passengers does the Lamborghini Urus seat?

The Lamborghini Urus represents an impossible dream: a modern four-door Lamborghini with all the expected performance, and room for more than two passengers. How many passengers does the Lamborghini Urus seat? We have your answers, and it may surprise you to learn that there are actually two seating configurations available.

Lamborghini Urus ST-X Concept side and back viewWhat are the seating configuration options for the Urus?

The Urus comes standard with a bench seat in back that has a 40/20/40 split fold for an easy transition to carrying cargo. This specific configuration gives you 21.75 cubic-feet of storage space in back, but there is another configuration available.

If you would prefer to emphasize luxury for your back-row passengers, then you should consider the optional 4-seat configuration. This gets rid of the bench seat and replaces it with two bucket seats. This major change does lower your cargo room down to 20.27 cubic-feet, but for most, the difference in luxury will be worth it. Let us tell you why.

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What else comes with the 4-seat configuration?

Since the 5-seat configuration comes standard, you may be wondering if anything else comes with the 4-seat configuration option on the Urus, and you are correct to wonder. Not only do you get two extremely comfortable bucket seats in the second row, but you also get a host of other features with this configuration.

For starters, you get a convenient center console in the second row that comes complete with storage for personal belongings, and a cup holder. This center console also includes climate controls for the rear passengers as well as a connection to the Lamborghini Infotainment System or LIS III.

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Are the seats in the 4-seat configuration adjustable?

With independent bucket seats, it only stands to reason that they at least could be adjustable, but this is Lamborghini so of course they are adjustable. Not only do the rear bucket seats have adjustability in the 4-seat configuration, but they are 8-way power adjustable. Many luxury cars can’t even boast that in the front seats.

Are the rear Urus seats heated?

When you opt for the 4-seat configuration, you also get the added benefit of rear heated seats. This is a great addition to a luxury SSUV that can handle colder climates and winter conditions. Your rear passengers will never have to endure cold leather!

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