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Ways to support Southern Florida through the COVID-19 pandemic

How to donate to COVID-19 relief in West Palm Beach

COVID-19 is a far-reaching problem that greatly affects Florida. Unfortunately, it looks like we still have a long road to go. For some this just means taking more Southern Florida joyrides and enjoying low gas prices while staying out of stores and away from work, but others are looking for ways to donate. Want to learn how to donate to COVID-19 relief in West Palm Beach? We are here to help.

Lamborghini Palm Beach COVID-19 response

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How to make COVID-19 relief donations that stay in the Palm Beach community

With any crisis as broad and invasive as COVID-19, there is no shortage of ways to donate, but what if you want your money or your donations to go to those in need right here in your area? We understand that, which is why we recommend donating to the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties.

The Community Foundation has been helping our community for over 50 years, and they’ve taken initiative during the current crisis. They have already deployed $2.9 million to local communities in need. They are serving the community with emergency medical equipment, hot-meal distributions, distance learning computers, and assistance with local mortgage, rental, and utility relief.

If you would like to learn more or make your own donation, then please support local causes and COVID-19 relief using the link below.

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Other ways to donate to local COVID-19 relief

If you don’t have money or food to give, and if you’ve already suffered COVID-19 yourself, you actually have another powerful way to donate. You can donate your plasma.

It’s a new treatment that uses plasma from those who have already naturally developed COVID-19 antibodies to treat patients that desperately need help. Your plasma will go to those who need it most and could save lives. This treatment has shown positive results and has already been rushed through FDA approval.

For your plasma to qualify for a donation you need to have a prior COVID-19 diagnosis documented by an FDA-approved lab. You also need to have been completely symptom-free for at least fourteen days before donation and have a negative FDA approved COVID-19 test. You can find more information about how to donate in Florida through the link below.