Lamborghini Urus side view

Sunroof options on the Urus

Is the Lamborghini Urus available with a sunroof?

Lamborghini supercars do not have sunroofs. That’s because a sunroof is more of a luxury not built for performance and because all Lamborghini supercars are offered with a convertible option. The Urus is in a class all its own though. Is the Lamborghini Urus available with a sunroof? We have answers!

Lamborghini Urus front interiorLamborghini Urus sunroof options

Sunroofs are possible to install on a car after purchase through customization shops, but this is expensive, and it will typically void your warranty. In short, you want a sunroof from the factory, especially when you are working with a premium vehicle like the Urus.

Luckily, the Urus is available with a sunroof from the factory. This isn’t just any sunroof, but a large panoramic sunroof. It comes with a sun blind to keep the cabin cool and keep out the light when you don’t want it. It can also tilt and even open to let in fresh air.

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Is the Lamborghini Urus available with roof rails?

If you have extra cargo, there’s no need to throw it all in back, you can put it on the top if you have roof rails. If you have an SUV that is not set up for roof rails though, it can be difficult and costly to install those rails. Is the Urus available with roof rails from the factory?

Yes, it is. You can get roof rails on any Urus model and you can order them with the roof rails in place. With the roof rails, you can install the crossbars to handle significant loads including bicycles, canoes, skis, or even a cargo box. You can get the Urus cargo box direct from Lamborghini through their Accessori Originali program.

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Those crossbars are special. When installed correctly, the Urus will actually measure the weight on your roof and adjust its handling profile accordingly. The dynamic stability control system will adjust to the higher center of gravity to ensure that your fully-loaded Urus still handles like a Lamborghini. This unique system is included when you opt for the roof rails.

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