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Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend at the West Palm Beach Spring Art Festival 2017

Memorial Day Weekend 2017 Palm Beach, FL

The West Palm Beach Spring Art Festival for 2017 begins on May 26 and continues through Memorial Day, May 29th. It’s located at Danieli Art World at 925 North Railroad Ave. The exhibit shows off the the work of 50 European and American artists. The artists will create works on shipping containers that are 20-40-feet long. Each container will serve as an artist’s gallery, which guests can visit and purchase works.

The festival will feature a live auction by A.B. Levy’s of Worth Avenue in Palm Beach. Attendees can also expect live entertainment, special performances as well as delicious foods from Islander Grill of Singer Island.

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About the Event

Danieli is one of the leading private art collectors in the world and an opera tenor. Also invited is West Palm Beach curator Rolando Chang Barrero to assist with curating the event. Some of the artists invited include Laurent Dareau, Kenneth Walker, Dana Donaty, Amber Dawn Tutwiler, Alejandro Mendoza, Roland Rucco, Adolfo H2O LaTorre, Sami Makela, Ray Fernandez, Petrina Easton, Ray Gross, Kim Prisu, Ismael Munaray, Zack Knudson, Nadia Utto, John Rachell, T.D. Gillispie, Anouck Jourdaa, and William Halliday and others.

Sculptural installations will also be presented by Iena Cruz, Giants in The City, and Anouck Jourdaa.

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