Lamborghini Countach side view

Who is Marcello Gandini to Lamborghini?

What Lamborghini cars did Marcello Gandini design?

Lamborghini is known for a unique style, and some of its most iconic vehicles were designed by one man. His name was Marcello Gandini. Gandini has designed cars for numerous European brands, but many of his most impressive designs found their home in the Lamborghini stables. What Lamborghini cars did Marcello Gandini design? We have the answers you need.

Lamborghini Countach top view

What was the first Gandini designed Lamborghini?

The first Gandini design, and arguably the car that shaped Lamborghini more than any other was the Miura. It was small, sleek, unique, and utterly revolutionary. It also forced a whole new perspective for Lamborghini putting the engine behind the driver.

Lamborghini Countach top view

Other Lamborghini models designed by Gandini

From the ‘60s to the ‘80s, Gandini had his hands in nearly every design that left Lamborghini. The Espada, Jarama, and Urraco followed up the Miura, before Gandini made a second huge splash that would once again change the face of Lamborghini.

In 1971, Lamborghini unveiled the Gandini-designed Countach, famously named for an expletive uttered by someone on first seeing the car. The Countach was a huge success and it re-cemented Lamborghini as an automotive force to be reckoned with. Afterward, Gandini worked on several prototypes for the Diablo, and though much of his design language was ultimately used, he cannot take credit for the Diablo as it launched.

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Lamborghini Countach front interior

Did Gandini make any Lamborghini concepts that never reached market?

Gandini made tons of designs for Lamborghini, and surely not all of them have been released to the public, but we do know of several. He made the Marzal which famously paved the way for the Espada. He also designed the Bravo which was an early adopter of the wedge design that we would eventually see fully realized on the Countach.

He also designed the Canto and Acosta both of which could have been successors to the Diablo but sadly weren’t used. Gandini’s designs can be seen all over in concepts from numerous brands, but he left his mark on Lamborghini more than most.