A convoy of Lamborghini Huracán EVOs driving at Norway's Lofoten Islands for Lamborghini Avventura 2019

Where did Lamborghini go for Lamborghini Avventura 2019?

Lamborghini Avventura explores some of the planet’s most beautiful locations in world-class Lamborghini vehicles. In previous years, Lamborghini Avventura visited Andalusia, Transylvania, the Norwegian fjords, and Iceland. Lamborghini Avventura 2019 featured a Lamborghini Huracán EVO expedition at Norway’s Lofoten Islands above the Arctic Circle.

Lamborghini Huracán EVO and Lamborghini Avventura 2019

The stunning Lofoten Islands was a wonderful canvas to see the eye-catching designs and incredible driving dynamics of the Lamborghini Huracán EVO on display. Seven Lamborghini EVO vehicles traveled through the archipelago of islands connected by tunnels and roads that appear to float on water, with picturesque bridges, cliffs, and mountains formed of the oldest rocks in Europe. Along with untouched landscape that was sculped by glaciation, the Lofoten Islands have an abundance of wildlife, including sea eagles, whales, orcas, and codfish.

Itinerary of Lamborghini Avventura 2019

The Huracán EVOs set off from Harstad to complete the first stage of the journey, connecting Norway to the archipelago. The first stopover was in Henningsvær, a fishing village built on a group of small islands at the foot of a cliff overhanging the sea. From there, the Huracán EVOs continued south, passing landscapes studded with the typical pyramid-shaped wooden racks used by locals to dry cod.

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After that, the Huracán EVOs continued to the north, with a stopover in Ramberg on the island of Flakstadøya, which boasts the island’s largest beach, with white sands and crystalline waters. The convoy then entered Svolvær, which is considered to be the oldest town in the Arctic Circle. The 630 km (391 miles) journey then concluded back in Harstad.

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