Two Lamborghini Avantador SVJ

Does your Lamborghini need a battery maintainer?

Why is a battery maintainer important for supercars?

Whether you are new to the world of supercars or just reading up on them, you’ve likely heard about battery maintainers. Why is a battery maintainer important for supercars? It’s a slightly complicated question, but we are going to dive into the issue and come out with an answer.

Is a battery maintainer necessary for all vehicles?

Most vehicles that are routinely on the road will never need a battery maintainer in their lives. This isn’t because of some difference in design or even because of the increased performance of a supercar like a Lamborghini. Believe it or not, it all comes down to how much the vehicle is driven. We’ll explore that further as we take a look at how automotive electrical systems work.

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Engine of a vehicleCan a car charge its own battery?

If supercars need a battery maintainer, you may be wondering if a car could just charge its own battery. The truth of the matter is that it does. If you have a gas-powered or diesel-powered vehicle, even if it’s a hybrid, then your vehicle charges your battery as you drive.

In truth, a modern car battery is a heavy and powerful thing, but even so, it only has enough juice to supply a regular engine with power for a limited amount of time.

What actually happens is as soon as the car is running, everything stops taking power for the battery and starts getting it from the alternator which is very similar to a generator.

The alternator not only powers everything in your car, but it also tops off the battery so that it will be good the next time you start it. This is why if you have a dead battery that won’t take a charge, you can get the car running with a jump and still drive it. However, with a dead alternator, you aren’t going far even with a fully-charged battery.

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What is a battery maintainer?

Finally, we get to the maintainer. The reason these maintainers are important for supercars is that most supercars don’t get driven every day or even every week. Over time, the battery will naturally lose its charge.

This can be mitigated by starting the car and letting it run every so often. However, this can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on the engine. Instead, a battery maintainer will apply a slow trickle charge to the battery keeping it healthy and ready to go.

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