Lamborghini Hurácan EVO RWD Spyder side view

Lamborghini roof options

Are convertible Lamborghini models hardtops or soft tops?

Lamborghini is known for offering convertible versions of many of its models. Since the Diablo first showed what a supercar could look like with the top down, people have come to expect both traditional supercars and convertible supercars from the legendary Italian auto manufacturer, but are current convertible Lamborghini models hardtops or soft tops? We have your answers.

Lamborghini Huracan EVO side and back viewWhat is the difference between a soft top and a hardtop?

Before we can tell you if Lamborghini models are hardtops or soft tops, we should first define what those terms mean. They are pretty self-explanatory on their surface, but there still may be some confusions that we should clear up.

A soft top is a roof substitute that is flexible in nature. As part of its design, a soft top usually folds up, often on its own, and stows itself away into the rear portion of the car. Soft tops usually have metal or composite ribs on their interiors that keep them rigid and in place, especially when at speed.

Hardtops do not have a flexible material construction. Instead, they are made entirely out of composites or metal and are typically smaller in surface area than a soft top. Hardtops are removable, and though some can retract just like a soft top, most have to be removed and stowed by hand, often in more than one piece.

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Lamborghini convertible options

All supercars currently offered by Lamborghini have both traditional and convertible options. It may surprise you to learn that you can get a Lamborghini with either a hardtop or a soft top. It just depends on what model you select.

Huracan Convertible

The convertible Huracan is the Spyder and it comes with a soft top roof that can retract at the touch of a button even at speeds of up to 30 mph in just 17 seconds. The Spyder option is available on the RWD and AWD models. It will soon be available on the Huracan Performante as well.

Aventador S Convertible

The Aventador S, which recently replaced the Aventador, is also available as a convertible known as the Aventador S Roadster. This convertible Lamborghini supercar is a hardtop. The roof consists of two composite panels each weighing less than 14 pounds. You can remove the panels by hand and store them in the front trunk.

Difference between a Spyder and a Roadster