Lamborghini Urus yellow side view with interior view and mountain view

Is the Urus good for outdoor activities?

Will the Lamborghini Urus be able to tow?

You want the Urus in your life, but can it handle all your outdoor activities? What happens if you want to go on an excursion away from your Urus? Will the Lamborghini Urus be able to tow your trailer and haul all your toys? We may be able to provide you some answers there.

hitch for a boat trailerTowing capacity of the Lamborghini Urus

Currently, we do not know what the towing capacity for the Lamborghini Urus will be as Lamborghini hasn’t announced or released any official numbers but there are a few things we do know. We can say for certain that the Urus will have towing capacity, and here’s why.

Several of the known Urus features point to it being able to tow. Not only does it list an electronic hitch as one of the available options for the Urus in the current configurator, but the Advanced Driver Assistance System or ADAS lists a top view camera along with a trailer coupling mode. These are features that Lamborghini would not go through the trouble of developing if the Urus wouldn’t have some towing capability.

How much will it be able to tow though? That’s the big question. The Urus certainly has enough power to tow with more available torque than most current trucks, but torque isn’t everything. The Urus was designed for both road and off-road use, with an ultra-lightweight chassis that utilizes composite construction. How much it can tow will come down to the transmission, the gearing, and what kind of trailer load the chassis can bear.

Bicyclist riding in the desertWhat else can you use the Urus hitch for?

The nice thing about a hitch, is they make all kinds of accessories that can fit in your receiver.

Even if you aren’t looking to tow a trailer, you can find bike racks ideal for holding multiple bikes easily and conveniently, racks for adding extra cargo room, and more. Having a hitch opens a world of possibilities for all your outdoor activities.

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Lamborghini Urus white top side view with roof rails and a panoramic sunroofWill the Urus have roof rails?

Crossovers and SUVs commonly have the option for roof rails, and so does the Urus SSUV. It’s an optional exterior feature that also requires the panoramic sunroof option.

With a roof rack, you can haul bikes, kayaks, skis, snowboards, and more all up on the roof! On top of that, the roof racks look stylish and sleek on the roof of this Lamborghini.

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