Lamborghini Urus interior overview front black

How good is the sound system in the Urus?

Lamborghini Urus sound system

Let’s face it, when you sit in a Lamborghini the only sound you are going to want to hear for a while is that beautiful engine, which for the Urus is a twin-turbo V8. Eventually you may want to crank some tunes. What is the Lamborghini Urus sound system? We can tell you all about it.

Lamborghini Urus with Bang & Olufsen sound systemWhat brand is the Lamborghini Urus sound system?

When it comes to Lamborghini, you know you only get the best, and that’s why Lamborghini fitted the Urus with a Bang & Olufsen sound system. They are a Danish company that has been building electronics and sound systems since 1925.

Bang & Olufsen designs have even been recognized in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. With a distinctive look and design all working towards a goal of honest music reproduction, we couldn’t think of a better fit for the Urus.

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What is the output of the Urus sound system?

The output of the Urus engine is 650 horsepower, so it only stands to reason that an equally impressive sound system is necessary for this SSUV. How does 1,700 watts sound? To put that in perspective, the top of the line Mercedes-AMG G 65 SUV has a sound system with 450 watts of output.

All of this amazing Bang & Olufsen sound is pumped through a total of 21 speakers to create a real 3D sound experience. Each of these 21 speakers has been carefully placed to provide the best acoustic environment for all passengers.

How many passengers can the Urus seat?

Lamborghini Urus rear seat with entertainment systemIs the Urus Bang & Olufsen sound system standard?

Perhaps even more wonderful, this impressive Bang & Olufsen sound system with all 1,700 watts and all 21 speakers currently comes standard on every Urus. Whether you want to listen to the roar of your engine or the roar of tunes, the Urus is perfect.

Does the Urus have an available rear entertainment system?

Lamborghini is finally making a model with a rear seat again, which means a rear entertainment system is finally possible. Indeed, the Urus is available with a full rear entertainment system that mounts to the back of both front seats. They are full touchscreen interfaces allowing your passengers complete control over their entertainment experience.