kids swimming

Where to go ocean swimming near WPB

Best beaches in Palm Beach County

Are you looking for the best beaches in Palm Beach County? Then we can help. We’ve gone through many of the beaches in the area and come up with the best public beaches for you and your family to enjoy. We’ve also come up with some tips and tricks for those who aren’t yet familiar with the beach life.

Carlin Park

John D. MacArthur Beach

Peanut Island

Juno Beach

Oceanfront Park

Lake Worth Beach Park

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What to do with your belongings while you’re at the beach

This is always the big question when you are hitting the beach. You have keys, you have a wallet, and more, but what do you do with it all? First, you should decide if you really need anything with you. If you can leave with just a key or something of that nature that you can tie on your person, then that’s always the best bet.

If you do have to take things with you, then start by knowing that nothing you bring with you will be completely safe, but there’s a lot you can do to keep your stuff relatively safe. You can get a dry bag to stow your valuables and still bring them with you. Many beaches also have lockers that you can pay for to guard your valuables. Lastly, you can try to find someone that you trust, this can be the riskiest option, so only use it as a last resort.

kids swimming

How to avoid a sunburn

Your skin builds up a tolerance to getting a sunburn, but no matter how resilient your skin is, you should apply sunscreen, and you should apply it often. Plan on reapplying every two hours if you are out and about, and at least twice as often if you are swimming.

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You should also apply your first coating about 30 minutes before you get to the beach. This way the ingredients have had time to work their way into your skin. You should also pay attention to expiration dates on sunscreen bottles. Those active ingredients will lose much of their potency over time.

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