Lamborghini on a racetrack

Take your Lamborghini to the track near Palm Beach

Where to track your Lamborghini in Southern Florida?

Owning a Lamborghini is fun and all, but driving it on the street rarely affords you the opportunity to open it up and see what it can do. People who have run into this problem want to take their Lamborghini or other pre-owned exotic out on the track, but where can you track your Lamborghini in Southern Florida? We have your answers.Lamborghini on a racetrack

Sebring International Raceway

Full Course Details
3.740 Miles

Number of Turns: 17
Location: Sebring, FL

You can rent out the entire track yourself, or you can attend with any number of national and local groups including the National Auto Sport Association, FARA, PDG, and the local SCCA. Remember many of these events require a competition license. The track is also in close proximity to Sebring Regional Airport meaning you can trailer your Lamborghini in ahead of time, and then fly up at your convenience.

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Palm Beach International Raceway

Full Course Details
2.034 Miles

Number of Turns: 10
Location: Jupiter, FL

Home of the Palm Beach Driving Club, this exciting track offers multiple driving schools and tracks days throughout the year. If you want to cut your teeth in a car that isn’t yours, you can do that here. With its location just a little ways west of Palm Beach, this is perfect for a weekend getaway with just you, your Lamborghini, and maybe a few friends.

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Florida International Rally & Motorsport

Full Course Details
1.600 Miles

Number of Turns: 18
Location: Starke, FL

Perhaps one of the most interesting and least well-known tracks in the area is part of the Florida International Rally & Motorsport complex. They have ATV trails, go-kart tracks, and more, but among it all they also have an exciting road course. Featuring open track days multiple times a month and available track rentals, this may be the most accessible track on the list.

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Homestead Miami Speedway

Full Course Details
2.300 Miles

Number of Turns: 11
Location: Homestead, FL

Homestead Miami Speedway hosts multiple club events throughout the year. With its oval heritage and its infield road course options, you can get the best of both worlds. Prepare your Lamborghini for high speed banked corners, and tight hairpins with nuanced apexes. This is one of the newest large scale racetracks in the state.

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Daytona International Speedway

Full Course Details
3.560 Miles

Number of Turns: 12
Location: Daytona Beach, FL

This historical track is for more than just NASCAR. Not only does it feature the iconic tri-oval, but it also has an infield road course that is perhaps even more prestigious in international circles. As you may be able to imagine, the Daytona calendar is pretty full, but local amateur groups still manage to get track time and the track is also available for rent.

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Amateur Racing Associations

If you really want to spend time at the track with your Lamborghini, then you may want to consider signing up with one or a few local driving clubs. Below we have a list of some that you may be interested including both local clubs and national groups.

Ultimate Lamborghini Driving School

To really learn how to utilize your Lamborghini to its full potential, you should consider the Lamborghini Accademia. They run programs all over the world visit the Lamborghini Accademia website for more details or contact your local Lamborghini dealer today.

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