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Best charities for hurricane relief

Where to donate for Hurricane Irma relief

We hope that you and your family made it through Hurricane Irma all right. Unfortunately, the struggle is not over for all of us. In the coming days, weeks, and even months, many will struggle to rebuild, find shelter, and even feed themselves. If you are in a position to help, then we encourage you to do so. Let us assist you in finding where to donate for Hurricane Irma relief.

hands helping during a floodFinding the best charities

Unfortunately, donating to just any charity is not the best way to get money and resources into the hands of those that need it most. Many charities suffer from scale issues or even mismanagement meaning that a smaller percentage of your hard-earned dollar actually goes to help anyone.

To that end, we have gone through the lists and utilized the resources of a non-profit charity evaluator called Charity Navigator. You can navigate through their lists yourself or you can look to our lists at the bottom of this blog to find out where you should donate.

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Types of charities

Almost every charity has a specific cause that they are looking to serve or goal that they are looking to accomplish. For many, it may depend on your values as to which charity you would like to donate to, but for others you may want to consider where your money is going.

If your aim is to specifically help out the residents of Florida, then you may want to consider a local charity. If you would like to help those in the Caribbean get back on their feet faster, then you should donate to one of their charities though these are unrated by Charity Navigator. Finally, if you would prefer to support the general cause, then supporting a national charity may be best.

To those ends, we have created three lists. If there is a very specific cause that you would like to support, such as providing school supplies or charities with ties to specific religious groups, then we encourage you to head over to Charity Navigator, and find a charity that suits you.

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