Lamborghini Urus side view

How does the Tesla Model X compare to the Lamborghini Urus?

Lamborghini Urus vs Tesla Model X

Are you stuck deciding between a luxury crossover and a performance built Super Sport Utility Vehicle? Do you want to see a real Lamborghini Urus vs Tesla Model X comparison? Then we can help and show you which model is more desirable.

Lamborghini Urus back and side viewWhich is faster: Urus or Model X?

This is a valid question, and one that on the surface is difficult to answer. In ideal conditions, the Tesla Model X may be able to out accelerate the Urus from a dead stop, due mostly to its electric powertrain, but that’s about where the positives for the Model X stop.

The power of the Model X diminishes greatly after hitting 60 mph, whereas the real horsepower of the Urus keeps on propelling it faster and faster. In fact, the Lamborghini Urus has a top speed of about 189 mph. What’s the top speed of the highest performance Model X? It’s just 155 mph.

This brings us to another point. To get that top performance from a Model X, you have to spring for the highest trim level. Otherwise, the Urus leaves the Model X in the dust even in the 0-60 mph test. The Urus gets its best performance from the start.

Urus vs Model X: A battle of style

If you want the complete performance package. Not just something that is fast but looks fast. Then you have only one option. The Model X looks like an egg on wheels, and its sparse and simple interior leaves much to be desired.

The Urus on the other hand, is the exact opposite with an aggressive exterior style and an interior that will have your pulse pounding even when you’re sitting still.

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What model has more bespoke options?

Do you want a totally custom vehicle? One that actually caters to your tastes? Then you need the Urus. With the Model X, you essentially pick your exterior color and your interior color, and outside of trim level and some technological gimmicks, that’s the extent of your options.

The Urus on the other hand, can be entirely bespoke. Whether you want a subdued style or something that is totally outrageous. With 13 exterior colors, 10 rims options, 6 caliper colors, 14 leather colors, 7 Alcantara colors, 8 carpet colors, and more, there are literally millions of combinations available.

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