Lamborghini Urus ST-X Concept front view

What kind of brakes do modern Lamborghini models use?

What are carbon-ceramic brakes?

Materials have come a long way in the last decade. Look at Lamborghini Forged Composites® if you need an example. Braking technologies have also improved as a result of new advancements in material technologies. The latest iteration of brakes comes in the form of carbon-ceramic brakes. What are carbon-ceramic brakes? We have your answers.

Do they make brakes out of carbon fiber?

When you see the word carbon relating to supercars, your mind instantly jumps to carbon fiber. It’s a material that has become ubiquitous with the cutting-edge of automotive technology. They do in fact make brakes out of carbon-fiber, though in this case, the carbon fiber is infused into ceramic.

What part of the brake has carbon in it?

When we refer to carbon-ceramic brakes, we are actually talking about the brake rotor. Carbon-ceramic brakes look a lot like a typical disc brake setup, except the rotor is usually darker in color than a traditional steel rotor would be.

Though the rotor has changed, that’s not all that’s different. Most carbon-ceramic rotors require special pads to operate at peak performance. These special pads use uniquely formulated material to get the ideal grip on the carbon-ceramic surface.

What are the advantages of a V12 engine?

Lamborghini Huracan EVO side and back viewAdvantages of carbon-ceramic brakes

The advantages to carbon-ceramic brakes are huge. They are corrosion free, create less brake dust, have higher operating temperatures, work better in wet conditions, are up to 70% lighter, and they even last a lot longer. This makes them ideal for both racing and supercar applications.

With all this in mind, there is one major disadvantage, and that’s simply the price. Price is the sole reason why every new car isn’t equipped with this amazing new technology. Even with their long life-span, the cost will out-weigh the benefit for most mass-market cars. This makes them perfect for performance supercars like a Lamborghini.

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Which Lamborghini models have carbon-ceramic brakes?

Actually, most of the Lamborghini lineup comes with carbon-ceramic brakes on both the front and the rear. This even includes the new Lamborghini Urus. The only current Lamborghini models that do not use carbon-ceramic brakes are the RWD Huracan models which use ventilated steel disc brakes.