Forged Composites texture

Why do some carbon fiber Lamborghini parts look different?

What are Lamborghini Forged Composites®?

Have you noticed unique parts on Lamborghini models that sort of look like carbon fiber and seem to have the same strength? Lamborghini calls those special materials Forged Composites®. What are Lamborghini Forged Composites®? We have your answers right here.

Limitations of carbon fiber

Carbon fiber has several limitations that have plagued their existence since the very beginning. For starters, building carbon fiber parts can be very time consuming and costly. Pretigous brands like Lamborghini can ignore issues like these.. They will always do what’s best for their cars and their customers.

Carbon fiber does have several design limitations though. Worked have to apply carbon fiber, typically by hand, in layers. This means if you have a part that needs to be different thicknesses across an axis, manufacturers have to add separate layers of carbon fiber. That’s where Forged Composites® come in.

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Forged Composites process stage 1How are Forged Composites® different from regular carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber typically comes in pre-woven sheets. When applied with resin they yield a beautiful texture and a strength that makes them perfect for many but not all automotive applications. Forged Composites® do away with the pre-woven sheets, and instead utilizes sheets fiber impregnated into a resin film. This may sound like a small difference but it’s more than that.

Instead of layering the carbon fiber material and applying resin, Lamborghini takes a pre-measured amount of this new material and places it in a heated mold. The mold encloses the part much like it would in metal casting. After just a few minutes, operators can remove the finished part.

Forged Composites process stage 2

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Advantage of Lamborghini Forged Composites®

Forged Composites® allows engineers to design complicated parts with varying thicknesses without adding astronomical costs and labor to the project. Forged Composites® also have the added benefit of retaining much of its original strength even when it’s machined, drilled, or trimmed.

Carbon fiber is beautiful, there is no doubt about that. Forged Composites® don’t have a similar appearance to traditional carbon fiber. However, it does have its own beautiful look and texture that enthusiasts have enjoyed in all manner of Lamborghini parts.

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