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All These Place in the Palm Beach Area are Haunted

Haunted Places in Palm Beach County 

The month of October is a fantastic time for thrill seekers. For many, going to a haunted house and getting scared by actors is a great way to get the blood pumping. But what about those that want a more real-life scare? Here are 4 real haunted places in Palm Beach County.

Flagler Mansion – Whitehall 

Whitehall at Flagler Mansion was originally built for the third wife of Henry Flagler, one of the founders of Standard Oil. They moved into the house in 1902, and Henry died 11 years later when he fell down the stairs. His wife passed away four years later, and multiple witnesses have reportedly seen and heard eerie presences throughout the house.

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Humanities Building – Florida Atlantic University skull facebottom

At just over 50 years old, many would not expect that Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton would be haunted in any way. However, many have witnessed the presence of spirit within the arts and humanities building of the campus. Many have seen and heard this spirit in the hallways and amphitheater of the building, as well as occasionally slamming doors. 

Lake Worth Playhouse 

The Lake Worth Playhouse was built by brothers Lucien and Clarence Oakley in 1924, and they have supposedly still been seen in various parts of the Playhouse to this day. People have witnessed footsteps in the empty theater, objects being moved around and even Lucien in the mirror. 

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Boca Raton Cemetery 

Is there a more predictable place to find ghosts than in a cemetery? The Boca Raton Cemetery is certainly no exception. The most commonly reported ghost in this peaceful cemetery is often referred to as The Screaming Man, who has supposedly screamed so loud that the police have been called, only to find nobody in the area. 

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