1993 lamborghini diablo

4 Classic Films that Featured a Lamborghini

Popular Movies with a Lamborghini in Them 

With their unbridled power and beautiful designs, it’s no wonder films have used different models of Lamborghini over the years. Whether it is a mysterious billionaire, slick super villain or a lucky dimwit, a variety of characters have shown off with a Lamborghini in movies for numerous decades. Here are 4 popular movies with a Lamborghini in them. 

“Fast 7,” 2015 lamborghini murcielago silver

The “Fast and Furious” series of movies have been showing off impressive cars since it began in 2001. In the franchise’s 7th installment, the film’s villain, played by Jason Statham, drives a sleek black Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. In a car like that, it’s a wonder how they ever caught him. 

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“Batman Begins,” 2005 

Gotham City’s wealthiest vigilante was certainly no stranger to Lamborghini in the most recent series of Batman movies. In this 2005 film, Bruce Wayne, played by Christian Bale, pulls up to a luxurious hotel in his silver Lamborghini Murciélago LP640, prompting the valet to say “nice car,” with Wayne responding with “you should see my other one,” in reference to the Batmobile. Batman may just drive a Murciélago because, in addition to being named after a bull, it is actually Spanish for bat. 

white lamborghini countach“Wolf of Wall Street,” 2013  

It was only fitting that a character embodying the height of wealth and excess in the 1980s would be driving one of the most luxurious cars of the decade. In the 2013 film, financial big shot Jordan Belfort, played by Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio, drives a white Lamborghini Countach in the film. There are few things more nostalgic for that era than stock market wealth and the Countach. 

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“Dumb and Dumber,” 1994 

When the dimwitted Harry and LLoyd come into millions of dollars in this film, they spent it very wisely. At one point in the film, they are seen pulling up to their hotel in a red 1993 Lamborghini Diablo. Based on their impeccable taste in cars, they may not have been quite as dumb as they seemed.