Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder front view

Does Lamborghini have a collector’s digital stamp?

The digital age in which we live had made it difficult for many classic hobbies to survive the changes and advancements in technology. When was the last time you heard about anyone collecting stamps? Physical mail is almost a thing of the past, with a majority of mail coming electronically, including most bills these days. So, it isn’t difficult to understand why the stamp collecting hobby might be dying, but that’s no longer the case due to the hobby’s revival in the digital space, and Lamborghini is already getting on board.

How is stamp collecting being revived?

Stamp collecting never truly died. Tons of collectors young and old scour local antique stores and thrift shops for stamps to add to their collection, and the digital space allowed them to share those stamps online. Video sharing and social media platforms began to breathe life into the hobby, and now a different technology has taken it to the next level. An Italian start up company called BITSTAMPS is introducing the digital stamp collection.

Huracan EVO Spyder Stamp

Collectors will be able to purchase, collect and re-sell digital stamps the same way that they would be able to with physical paper stamps by providing each with its own digital fingerprint. Every single digital stamp issued by the BITSTAMPS app comes with a guarantee that it is both unique and authentic thanks to a technology called Blockchain.

Lamborghini has partnered up with the company to launch the first of many of its own stamps. Eventually, the Automobili Lamborghini Collection will feature over twenty of the brand’s most legendary vehicles from throughout its history, but the first will feature the all-new Huracan EVO RWD Spyder. The stamp is already available in the app, and only 20,000 instances of the digital stamp will be created. Start your collection today!

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