Lamborghini Urus side view

Will the Urus be Lamborghini’s first performance SUV?

Has Lamborghini ever made an SUV before?

The images that we have seen for the Urus so far show that it’s a truly beautiful performance SUV from Lamborghini, but has Lamborghini ever made an SUV before? We have the answer, and it actually may surprise you. 

What is the LM002?

The LM002 is the first ever SUV from Lamborghini, and it came out all the way back in 1986. Lamborghini made the LM002 for 7 years producing 328 models. This was also the first four-wheel drive vehicle ever manufactured by Lamborghini.

LM002 design

The LM002 went with an angular design that was slightly reminiscent of a Hummer. This was not an accident. The prototypes that eventually evolved into the LM002 were built and tested for the U.S. military. The early versions also had rear-mounted engines.

Eventually the engine was moved to the front to improve off-road performance, and then the LM002 was born. With its hard angles, and rugged exterior, it was ready to meet any terrain challenge that the world had to offer.

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What was the LM002 interior like?

Make no mistake, this was still a Lamborghini, and on the inside designers and engineers went to great lengths to prove that. You could get the LM002 with a full luxury package that included full leather trim, power windows, air conditioning, and even a premium sound system that was mounted in a unique roof console.Lamborghini Urus back and side view

What type of engine did the LM002 have?

There were actually two V12 engines available for this monster. The standard engine was the same engine from the Countach Quattrovalvole, which was about 5.2-liters. The other engine option was a real beast. A 7.2-liter V12 that was primarily meant for marine applications in Class 1 offshore boats.

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Are the Urus and the LM002 related?

Though the Urus may be the spiritual successor to the LM002, a lot has changed in the 20+ years since the LM002 last saw production. With giant off-road run flat tires, the LM002 was designed to tackle rocks and desert terrain.

The Urus with its curved contours and performance road tires is more suited to high speed road situations, though it is still expected to be fully off-road capable. Only time will tell what the Urus can truly do, and we for one can’t wait to see it in action.