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How do Lamborghini models get their names?

Every automotive brand has their own inspiration for naming all of their models. Ram and Ford use the maximum towing capacity to name their pickup trucks. Mercedes-Benz uses letters to represent the group of models and the variant style of each. How do Lamborghini models get their names? In this post, we will be sharing what the Lamborghini model names are inspired by.

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What inspired Ferruccio Lamborghini?

Lamborghini Huracan EVO exterior front look

Lamborghini first started out by making tractors and enjoying a passion of owning exotic cars. Before he started making automobiles, Lamborghini visited a ranch that would breed Spanish Fighting Bulls.  The bulls inspired him so much that they became the symbol on the front of all his cars. The world of bullfighting and his friend Don Eduardo Miura are what inspired Lamborghini the most.  A lot of the famous model names were inspired by famous fighting bulls, bull breeds, and common bull fighting names.

Almost every model is inspired by bull fighting. The Islero was named after a bull that killed the matador Manolete. The Espada, which translates to sword, was named after the bullfighter. Meant to be a smaller model, the Urraco was introduced and translates to “little bull.”

Which models are not named after bulls?

While a large majority of the Lamborghini model names are inspired by bulls and bullfighting, there are a few models that are inspired by other things. The Countach name was inspired by a phrase said by men when they see a beautiful woman. The Sesto Elemento was named after the materials it was made of, carbon and carbon fiber. It also translates to “sixth element.”

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