How to prepare your Lamborghini for a hurricane

Living in Florida we know that hurricanes are a very common occurrence. Now that we are in August going into September, this time is the highest chance for hurricanes. Hurricane Marco has already touched land, but hurricane Laura is soon to follow. While you may know how to protect your house, you may not know how to protect your car. In this post, we will teach you how to prepare your Lamborghini for a hurricane. Keep reading to learn what you do before, during, and after a hurricane.

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Lamborghini HURACÁN EVO RWD side and back view

Before the hurricane

Before the hurricane comes you need to make sure your Lamborghini has a full gas tank, a fully charged battery, has proper oil levels, and properly working wipers and tires. Make sure to take photos of your exterior and interior before the storm to make it easier to file damage claims. Place any paperwork into a waterproof container. Also, pack a bag with essentials including water, food, extra clothing, flashlights, maps, and chargers.

During the hurricane

Once the hurricane comes, make sure your car is parked somewhere safely. If you have a garage, have your car facing out so you can easily exit. Make sure all your windows are closed. Make sure to take anything off the shelves in your garage that could fall on your car. If you don’t have a garage, avoid parking under trees or power lines, and try to park either close to a building or on higher ground.

After the hurricane

Once the hurricane has passed, check your vehicle for any damage that may have happened. If you find any damages, make sure to take pictures to compare them to the before pictures. If you need to drive after the storm has passed, make sure you avoid any flooded roads and do not drive through standing water. Also, be sure to watch out for any fallen trees, power lines, and any weakened structures.

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Schedule service at Lamborghini Palm Beach

If your Lamborghini takes any damage after the hurricane, be sure to schedule a service appointment at Lamborghini Palm Beach. Our service team will work quickly to make sure your vehicle is back in top shape and ready to go back out on the road. Feel free to contact our service team to learn more tips on how to protect your vehicle.