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What is the difference between LED and Halogen headlights?

LED headlights vs Halogen headlights

Previously, we’ve covered the advantages of LED headlights and which Lamborghini models currently have them. However, besides the brightness and coloring of light, some people may not know the difference between LED and halogen headlights. In this post, we will be doing a LED headlights vs Halogen headlights comparison to show how they are different. Read on to start learning.

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How are they different?

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While they have some similarities, the process of how these lights work are different and produce different results. Halogen lights are made up of an incandescent light with a tungsten filament inside a bulb. An electric current will pass through the filament, generate heat, and create light. These are different from regular incandescent bulbs because they have halogen gas instead of argon gas, they are brighter and last longer.

LED headlights have an electric current pass through a semiconductor to create light. This process creates less heat and is 90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs and they last longer. LED lights don’t burn out, but they do tend to dim over time. They are also smaller, so auto manufacturers can be more creative with headlight designs.

Why are LEDs more common now?

For years, halogen headlights were standard due to the lower cost to manufacture them. However, LED gained popularity due to several reasons. They are brighter with a wider pattern, use less energy, last longer, and have a whiter hue. Another reason is that many people think they look “cooler” than halogen lights.

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