Lamborghini Huracan EVO silver back view

Does Lamborghini still make the Huracan Coupe?

Is the EVO replacing the regular Huracan?

Lamborghini recently announced the new Huracan EVO, and in true Lamborghini fashion, early reservation holders can already expect to receive their own Huracan EVO models very soon, but what if you still want the old Huracan Coupe? Is the EVO replacing the regular Huracan altogether? We have answers!

Lamborghini Huracan EVO orange side view at sunsetDid the Huracan Coupe disappear from the Lamborghini lineup?

Much like the Aventador S replaced the regular Aventador, so too is the Huracan EVO replacing the regular Huracan. Throughout the Lamborghini websites, the regular Huracan has already been moved into the “past models” category, at least for the Coupe version.

The regular Spyder model still remains, so if you want a regular Huracan, you should act soon, and you’ll have to get the Spyder especially if you are intending to custom order your Lamborghini.

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When will there be a Huracan EVO Spyder?

Since the Huracan EVO has already replaced the standard Huracan in the lineup, you can expect that Lamborghini will be announcing the Huracan EVO Spyder very soon. It is nearly a sure thing as Lamborghini looks to phase out the standard Huracan with this more advanced EVO version.

Lamborghini Huracan EVO silver and orange back and front view silverWhat does the Huracan EVO add over the outgoing Huracan?

You’ve likely already heard that the Huracan EVO is getting the Huracan Performante engine. This is a big upgrade with nearly 30 extra horsepower coming to the EVO model. It also likely means that a new version of the Performante is in the works, though what it will be called remains to be seen.

The new Huracan EVO isn’t just an engine upgrade. It comes with all new tech on the inside to keep the infotainment system and electronics feeling cutting edge. Also, the Huracan EVO is getting a four-wheel-steering system for greater control and maneuverability just like the Aventador S. The full list of feature differences is long, but this is a good start.

Differences between the Huracan EVO and Huracan Performante

Lamborghini Huracan EVO orange back view at sunsetWill there still be an RWD Huracan?

We fully expect the Huracan RWD models to stick around for the foreseeable future, but we cannot guarantee that. One possibility is that Lamborghini may upgrade the RWD version to keep it more in line with the new Huracan EVO. In other words, new electronics, new features, and potentially more power. It may not get the EVO engine, but it may get the engine that was in the outgoing AWD Huracan which would still be a good boost in power.

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