Lamborghini Huracan EVO side view

When was the first Lamborghini V10?

Which Lamborghini models have V10 engines?

Ever since the 350GT debuted with a V12 engine under the hood, Lamborghini has been known for pushing out spectacular supercars with engines that have a high cylinder count. The V12 is the engine that sort of steals the show in the Aventador, but what about its smaller V10 brother? Which Lamborghini models have V10 engines?

Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder side and back viewHistory of the Lamborghini V10

Though they don’t date back to 1963 like the V12, V10 engines actually have a long history with the Lamborghini brand. The engine first debuted in 1988 on the P140 concept, and then 7 years later on the Cala concept. At the time, it had 3.9 liters of displacement.

This engine never actually saw life in a production model, but it did set the example for V10 engines to come. It was known for having its two cylinder banks 90° apart. It was also known for having a dry sump oil system which helped lower its center of gravity.

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The first production Lamborghini with a V10?

The V10 grew to 5.0 liters before it saw its first production car in 2003 with the Gallardo. At the time, the Gallardo was the slightly tamer sibling to the Murcielago.

The Gallardo was produced between 2003 and 2014. During that time, the V10 grew again to 5.2 liters, which made improvements to both power and efficiency numbers.

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Current V10 Lamborghini models

The Gallardo is no longer made, but the V10 is still alive and well in the Huracan. Though the Huracan is the only current Lamborghini model to sport the V10 powerplant, it also has multiple versions.

In total, there are six Huracan models with Spyder and Coupe versions of the RWD, AWD, and Performante models. Though not all models feature the same power, they do all feature the same V10 engine but with different tunings.

Difference between the Huracan and Huracan Performante

Other Lamborghini one-off and concept vehicles with a V10

The P140, Cala, Gallardo, and Huracan models alone do not complete the list of V10 Lamborghini models ever built. In fact, the Sesto Elemento, Egoista, and even the Asterion all were one-offs or concepts designed with the V10 engine.

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