Lamborghini Gallardo front and side view

Which Lamborghini model sold the best?

What is the most popular Lamborghini model?

Often when people think of Lamborghini the first models that come to mind are the Countach or even the Diablo, but are either of those two models the most successful for Lamborghini? What is the most popular Lamborghini model? We will dig through some numbers and help you find the answer.

Lamborghini Gallardo side viewThe success of the Lamborghini Gallardo

As you may have guessed from the title, or even from the lead-in image, it is the Gallardo that put up the highest numbers for Lamborghini, by far. This is of course not counting current models which don’t have final numbers out yet, and have only been out for a few years.

The Gallardo was available from 2003 until 2013, and in that time, just over 14,000 models were made. For comparison, only 2,884 Diablo models were made, and when it comes to the Countach, the numbers only got up to 2,049 built models, and that car was on sale from 1974 all the way until 1990.

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Gallardo Specifications

The Gallardo was impressive, with sleek lines that would still fit right in with any modern exotic car lineup. What really stands out is the car’s impressive performance figures. The LP 5670-4 Superleggera version could get from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 3.4 seconds and reach a top speed of 202 mph.

Much like the Lamborghini models of today, the Gallardo was available both as a Coupe and as a Spyder. Is also had both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models available. In many ways, the Gallardo and the Murcielago set the tone for what Lamborghini is today.

What is the predecessor to the Gallardo?

Really, the Gallardo is in a unique position in Lamborghini history. It came out just 2 years after the Murcielago and was sold right alongside the V12 monster as a more affordable, but still performance driven V10 alternative. This marks the first time that Lamborghini sold two high volume exotic cars alongside each other.

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What is the Gallardo successor?

The Gallardo successor is quite easy to see when looking at the current Lamborghini lineup. The Huracan fits into the same slot that the Gallardo once occupied. It is the Lamborghini performance machine with a slightly lower barrier to entry but still many of the bells and whistles of its Aventador big brother. If history has anything to say about it, we can expect the already successful Huracan to put up some more stellar production numbers.

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