Lamborghini Asterion concept blue side view

What is the Lamborghini Asterion?

Will Lamborghini make a hybrid?

Hybrid technology is being found increasingly in supercars. Models like the Ferrari LaFerrari, the new Acura NSX, and the Porsche 918 Spyder all utilized hybrid drivetrains to propel themselves to higher speeds, but what about Lamborghini? Will Lamborghini make a hybrid? We may be able to provide some insights.

Lamborghini Asterion concept exhaustWhy do some supercars use hybrid drivetrains?

Supercars are known for using every advantage they can, and ultimately adding more horsepower and torque can help them achieve those goals. An easy way to do that is with an electric motor on top of a traditional gasoline powerplant.

When put together, you get many of the upsides of both an electric car and a gasoline powered car with very few of the downsides. Electric motors and gasoline motors operate very differently. As such, each supplies their peak torque at different times. By leveraging this, a hybrid supercar can optimize its power to the wheels at any given moment.

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Are hybrids complicated?

Making a hybrid car can be difficult. It requires knowledge of two very different drivetrain systems as well as everything else that goes into making a car. This may lead some to wonder if Lamborghini is up to the task. There is some proof that they are.

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Lamborghini Asterion concept gauge clusterHas Lamborghini ever built a hybrid?

Lamborghini has been toying with the idea of a hybrid for quite some time now. In fact, they unveiled a demonstrator known as the Asterion back in 2014. This model was a plug-in hybrid which allowed for over 30 miles of range on pure electricity.

Its code number was LPI 940-4, which implies that it was not only AWD but that it also has 940 metric horsepower or 927 horsepower. The term “demonstrator” also implies that this vehicle was operable in some manner. What’s more, it was developed entirely in-house by Lamborghini.

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Lamborghini Asterion concept blue front viewDoes Lamborghini have plans for a hybrid?

In an effort to keep its supercars naturally aspirated and still provide big power, it is likely that a hybrid is in Lamborghini’s future, possibly even as an Aventador replacement. In fact, some people at Lamborghini have been saying just that.

“I am convinced that the naturally aspirated engine coupled with a hybrid system can be the right answer to the super sports car of the future.” – Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini Chief Technical Advisor