Lamborghini Estoque front and side view

What is the Lamborghini Estoque?

Will Lamborghini ever make a sedan?

If you’re in love with Lamborghini but have always had a desire for something with four doors, then you may be wondering, will Lamborghini ever make a sedan? We may be able to provide some answers and shed some light on this question.

Lamborghini Estoque side viewHas Lamborghini ever built a four-door sedan?

Looking through the Lamborghini history, they have sure made a lot of diverse cars. Many of them have even included rear seats, a luxury that is not found on modern Lamborghini supercars. In looking for a sedan, one stands out and it’s called the Estoque.

The Estoque was a concept car that debuted in 2008 as a four-door sedan. It managed to stay true to the Lamborghini design language and mentality. The Estoque had a 5.2-liter V10 engine and it was the first front engine vehicle from Lamborghini since LM002. It still looks every bit the part of a Lamborghini with that distinctive nose section. To a lesser extent, the rear also has a Lamborghini look.

Will the Estoque ever be produced?

Though at first, Lamborghini seemed to have real production plans for this four-door sedan, by 2009 the Italian supercar manufacturer had announced that all plans to bring the Estoque to market had been canceled.

Though there was much interest in the vehicle, canceling it may have been in the best interests of the overall Lamborghini brand. Lamborghini is a performance company, and the Estoque may have diluted and muddied the Lamborghini brand.

Even though the car was set to debut with a $230,000 price tag and had a real V10 engine under the hood, with four doors and the engine up front, the vehicle would no longer be entirely about road and track performance.

However, the Estoque may have helped pave the way for the Urus. The Urus has four doors and an engine up front, much like the Estoque, but by raising the vehicle up, suddenly it becomes a vehicle made for off-road and track performance.

What does Estoque mean?

Lamborghini names always have an interesting origin and the Estoque is no different. An Estoque is actually the sword used by matadors in bullfighting.

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Despite its name and its wonderful style, the Estoque will likely never see production, and there are also no other plans to make a Lamborghini sedan.

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