Lamborghini Huracan yellow top view

Can you see a Lamborghini engine with the hood closed?

Do all Lamborghini models have glass over their engines?

Whether you’ve seen them at shows or in the showroom, you may have noticed that Lamborghini models often have glass or a transparent material covering up their engine. Do all Lamborghini models have glass over their engines? Find out right here.

Lamborghini Miura green back viewHave Lamborghini engines always been exposed?

Of course not all Lamborghini engines are exposed. The original 350 GT kept its engine under a traditional hood and so too does the Urus of today. However, since the Miura, the mid-engine Lamborghini models did grant a peek through to the engine in a unique way.

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Cooling a mid-engine car with high power output was difficult, and still is today. Historically, most mid-engine cars, Lamborghini included, featured prominent louvers to allow for maximum airflow without compromising the design. You can see this at work with the Miura. Other Lamborghini models that featured this include the Countach and the Diablo.

With these louvers in place, it is possible for the casual observer to get a peek at the engine. The prospect of being able to show off one’s engine along with the car has actually made this desirable, which is why Lamborghini took things a step further.

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Lambroghini Aventador S blue back viewWhat is the purpose of glass over the engine in a Lamborghini?

Glass over the engine is done entirely for show in a Lamborghini. Every Lamborghini engine is a work of art, as such, it is understandable that enthusiasts would want it out in the open without actually exposing it to the elements.

This is not a mandatory feature however, instead it has typically remained an option. You can find this feature available on the current Aventador and Huracan EVO. Historically, it was also available on the Gallardo and the Murcielago.

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Perhaps as an homage to the Lamborghini models of the past, the Aventador S Coupe features giant louvers over the engine by default. These come in black standard but you can upgrade them to carbon fiber. So you can always see the engine at least a little bit, but if you would rather go the extreme route, you can get the louvers themselves made out of a transparent material.