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Find Escape rooms in Southern Florida

The best escape rooms near West Palm Beach FL

Are you looking for an entertaining challenge? Do you love puzzles, conundrums, and maybe even some themes? Have you ever tried an escape room? This can be the perfect activity for you and your friends. We can tell you all about them including where to find the best escape rooms near West Palm Beach, FL.

Who what when why how where brainstorm webWhat is an escape room?

If you’ve never heard of an escape room, then we can offer you a brief guide. First, know that escape rooms can take many shapes and forms, and the best way to learn is to simply try one for yourself. You can start with any of the ones we have below.

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An escape room is a themed room that you and several people get locked in, and then you have to work together to solve puzzles in order to earn your escape. There is also a time limit to consider. Most of the rooms are not scary nor are they designed to induce claustrophobia. Typically, someone is watching via closed-circuit TV to provide hints or to let you out if you need it.

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WPB Escape Rooms

There are five escape rooms to choose from and some of the rooms even offer scary themes. Each room is conveniently rated by fear, intensity, and difficulty.

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Legends of Xscape

This is another escape room located right in West Palm Beach. This one also has five rooms to choose from including Nightmare on Datura. Earn a spot on their leaderboards.

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The last escape room in West Palm Beach offers challenges that are really going to test your brain. They may only have two rooms, but they are heavy on theme.

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Countdown Escape Games

Down in Lake Worth, Countdown Escape Games has four rooms, and they are all difficult. See if you can get the best time.

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The Escape South Florida

Escape South Florida has three rooms located in Palm Beach Gardens. It offers options for multiple group sizes including an option for 2-4 players.

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Extraordinary Escape Rooms

This escape room is also located in Palm Beach Gardens. It promises the most challenging room in South Florida. They currently have two rooms.

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