Lamborghini Museum historical models exhibit

Is there a Lamborghini Museum?

Things to do at the Lamborghini Museum

Lamborghini is a brand with over 5 decades of history both in the racing world and in the world of exotic performance cars. Of course they have a museum, and it’s called Museo Lamborghini. Since that’s Italian for Lamborghini Museum, we will just call it that going forward. Learn about all the things to do at the Lamborghini Museum right here.

Lamborghini Miura on the streets of Sant'Bolognese ItalyWhere is the Lamborghini Museum?

The Lamborghini Museum is located right alongside the Lamborghini headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese just outside of Bologna. In case you didn’t already figure it out, Sant’Agata Bolognese is located in Italy, so you might have to take a trip.

At first, the museum’s location may seem unfortunate to us in the United States, but there’s nowhere else it should be. Lamborghini is a brand born and bred in Italy. If you truly want to experience Lamborghini in all its glory and history, then you have to go to Italy!  Use it as an excuse to go on holiday to a beautiful country.

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Lamborghini Museum concept models lined upWhat is there to do at the Lamborghini Museum?

Visiting the Lamborghini Museum is like walking through history. You get to see the brand’s beginnings with Ferruccio, key models throughout history, historical Lamborghini race cars, and you can even get up close and personal with the engines. They are open nearly every day, though they do close for certain holidays and events. Click below for specific info on booking.

Lamborghini Museum Tickets

In addition to all that, you can also contact the museum and set up an exclusive visit for special events. These after-hours visits allow you to get more intimate with the exhibits complete with cocktail reception or even a light dinner.

Assorted Lamborghini models rolling off the production line in ItalyCan you get a production line tour?

Part of the convenience of placing the Lamborghini Museum next to the Lamborghini production line is that you can take a tour and see exactly how the Lamborghini models that you love are built. Currently, the tour includes a visit to the original factory and a view of the current Aventador S assembly including interior leather work and customization, chassis and carbon fiber work, engine and transmission assembly, and more!

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