Lamborghini Urus side view

How does the Urus ANIMA system work?

What does the Lamborghini Urus ANIMA system do?

The Lamborghini Urus is turning heads both on the street and off-road, and any owner will tell you that it’s the ANIMA system that makes the difference when it comes to adaptability. What does the Lamborghini Urus ANIMA system do? We can provide you the answers you need.

Lamborghini Urus front interiorWhat does Lamborghini ANIMA stand for?

Anima in Italian means soul, and that’s a good place to start when looking for the meaning of ANIMA in the Urus, but you will notice that when talking about the ANIMA system in the Urus, all the letters are capitalized.

In the Urus, ANIMA is actually an acronym that stands for Adaptive Network Intelligent MAnagement. They got a little creative with the acronym and knowing those words doesn’t actually bring you any closer to knowing what the system actually does.

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How does Urus ANIMA work?

To put it simply, the ANIMA system is a drive selector that allows the driver to adapt the built-in network of intelligent driving systems in the Urus. Perhaps that helped the acronym make a little more sense, but we can dive a little deeper.

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There is a total of six drive modes that are selectable for the Urus through the ANIMA system. Befitting a vehicle with true off-road prowess, the Urus has three street driving modes and three off-road driving modes. We go through all six and why you would want to use each one below:

Street Diving Modes

STRADA: For easy and comfortable driving.
SPORT: More agile and responsive
CORSA: Maximum street performance built for the track.

Off Road Driving Modes

NEVE: Built for maximum traction even on slippery surfaces.
TERRA: Made for the ultimate off-roading experience.
SABBIA: When you have to tackle sand, this is the mode you want.

What is ANIMA EGO mode?

Remember when we said the Urus ANIMA system had six driving modes? We actually lied. There’s one more mode and it’s called EGO. This mode is entirely configurable and it’s all about you.

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With EGO mode, you can fine-tune the vehicle dynamics including steering, traction, and suspension adjustments to make the ideal driving mode for how you want to drive. Then you can switch to it whenever you want just like the other driving modes.