Lamborghini Urus ST-X Concept front view

Can the Urus be a racecar?

What is the Lamborghini Urus ST-X concept?

Lamborghini has a long racing pedigree going back to the first days of the company. They have always strived to put their best up against the world, and that’s why they went ahead and built the Urus ST-X. What is the Lamborghini Urus ST-X concept? It’s essentially a racing version of the new Lamborghini SSUV, and we have all the details.

Lamborghini Urus ST-X Concept side and back viewHow is the Urus ST-X different from a Urus?

The Urus ST-X is sporty and gorgeous but that much should already be obvious since it’s based entirely on the Urus to begin with. In fact, this is basically the racecar version of the Urus much like the Huracan GT3 Evo is the racecar version of the Huracan.

The Urus ST-X features an improved cooling system for the V8 engine that still has 650 horsepower on tap with AWD. This will make it easier to push that engine to the limit for longer. Much of the luxury has been stripped out as well to provide for a 25% weight reduction.

Of course, it also adds a bunch of stuff just for racing including a fuel cell, a fire suppression system, and a steel roll cage. The Urus ST-X concept even features unique 12-inch aluminum alloy wheels with a single-nut for easier changeouts. The exhausts have also been tweaked and a subtle rear wing has been added.

Will Lamborghini race the Urus?

Though the Urus ST-X is billed as just a concept car, you can expect the Italian auto manufacturer to pursue this heavily. In fact, they are currently planning to build an entire racing format around this that will debut as early as 2020.

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Will the Urus race on the street?

Racing on the street is a typical experience for a racing series. That just would not do for the Urus racing series. That’s why Lamborghini is proposing a single-brand championship that will combine race circuits and off-road track.

Initially, the plans are to bring it to Europe and the Middle East on FIA-approved circuits. People who participate will actually be able to arrive and drive as it is an experience designed for driver-customers. Participants will have the advantage of a car along with tech support for the whole racing weekend.

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