HURACÁN EVO RWD front and side view

Which Lamborghini Huracan model is right for you?

What is the difference between Lamborghini Huracan models?

There are several Lamborghini Huracan models available. With both Coupe and Spyder variants, all-wheel and rear-wheel drive configurations, and limited editions, there’s a lot to consider when you are looking for the perfect Huracan. Let us show you the difference between Lamborghini Huracan models.

What’s the difference between the Huracan Coupe and the Huracan Spyder?HURACÁN EVO RWD side and back view

The Coupe is your traditional Lamborghini supercar with two doors, two seats, and a closed cockpit. The primary difference between the Coupe and the Spyder is that the Spyder is a convertible. The soft top retracts smoothly into the bodywork giving you a top-down experience like no other car on the planet.

When is the Lamborghini Urus coming?

Difference between the Huracan LP 610 and the LP 580

Believe it or not the three digit number is a power rating for the Lamborghini Huracan. It is not directly a horsepower rating rather a PS rating, which stands for Pferdestärke. In case you can’t tell, that’s a German word which is equivalent to about one metric horsepower.

In the U.S., we traditionally use imperial horsepower to rate our vehicles. A metric horsepower is equivalent to 735.5 watts, whereas one imperial horsepower is equivalent to 745.7 watts. This means that the LP 610-4 is rated at 602 horsepower and the LP 580-2 is rated at 572 horsepower.

What does the -2 or -4 mean in the Huracan models?

As can be seen in the examples above, Lamborghini uses simple number schemes in its naming conventions. The three-digit number translates into power very neatly, but what about the dash number after that power rating that appears on Huracan models?

That number actually refers to the number of drive wheels. The Huracan is now available in both all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive configurations, with the -4 and the -2 respectively. So to put the pieces of the puzzle together, a Huracan LP 610-4 has 610 PS and is all-wheel drive.

The LP-610 only comes in an all-wheel drive configurations, whereas the LP 580 only comes in a rear wheel drive configuration though each models has both Coupe and Spyder options.

What is the Huracan Avio?

This is a limited edition Huracan that comes with new color options, upholstery, and even exterior decals and interior logos inspired by the Royal Air Force. The Avio is only available as an LP 620-4 Coupe. Feel like a pilot while you are speeding along the ground.

Is there an Aventador Spyder?

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