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What Makes the Lamborghini Ad Personam Unique?

Fun Facts About the Lamborghini Ad Personam

If you’ve been a car enthusiast for a while, you’ve most likely noticed that each brand has its own style. Lamborghini is one brand that wants to work with its customers to let them customize their car to their personality. This program, called Ad Personam, allows customers to choose between colors, materials, and more to customize their car. Today, we will be discussing five fun facts about the Lamborghini Ad Personam. Join us to learn more!

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Five thing you might not know about Lamborghini Ad Personam

Lamborghini Urus exterior front look
  1. Leader in development of unique colors. The House of Sant’Agata has a total of 348 colors available. Americans are the most demanding market with approximately 20% requesting custom colors. Customers in the Asia Pacific and EMEA region follow behind Americans for most custom color requests.
  2. Frontier of diamond dust paint. There are many different paints that provide a layer of shine but the diamond dust paint from Lamborghini adds a unique sparkle to your car. Using micro crystals, the color will become iridescent and change according to the reflection of light.
  3. Extravagant requests for interior design. The Ad Personam team and upholstery department work hard to evaluate requests for embroidery and decoration. Requests have gotten as intricate as creating branches and blossoms, portraits of pets, and of street style designs.
  4. Most popular color ranges for different nationalities. In Asia Pacific, the most popular color is Rosso Efesto. IN EMEA it is Verda Alceo and in America, Blue Cepheus is the most popular.
  5. Five chromatic families match Lamborghini personalities. Using psychology, the Ad Personam program has identified the top five chromatic families that match the Lamborghini customer personalities. The families are SPORTIVA, CONTEMPORANEA, ECLETTICA, CLASSICA, and TECNICA.

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