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Where can I get coffee in West Palm Beach, Florida?

Best coffee shops to visit in West Palm Beach, Florida

When the seasons of fall and winter hit, there’s nothing better than having a hot drink. Some people enjoy hot chocolate, some enjoy tea, and others enjoy coffee. Many people enjoy getting a cup of coffee before work or school to get a boost of energy. If you’re looking to try some new coffee places this season, we’re sharing some of the best coffee shops to visit in West Palm Beach, Florida. Read on to pick out your new favorite stop!

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Enjoy a cup of joe before heading out for the day

  1. Blue Mountain Coffee House. This coffee shop gets its beans from the highest point of the Blue Mountain, located in Jamaica. Their family-owned estate is also involved in the harvesting, roasting, and transportation process before the beans arrive at the shop. Blue Mountain Coffee House also offers breakfast foods including organic pancakes, waffles, crepes, sandwiches, and pastries.
  2. Harold’s Coffee Lounge. At this coffee shop, they pride themselves on using only natural organic sources so that they can have the freshest ingredients. If you are familiar with the cold brew coffee, this shop considers itself the first place to utilize the Ice Brew process. In addition to coffee, they also serve baked goods, vegan sandwiches, pressed juices, tea, and Kombucha. They are currently open for delivery and take-out only.
  3. Subculture Coffee. Here at this coffee shop, they only roast small batches to preserve all of the flavors and consistency. They also keep the lots small so that they change what they offer throughout the year. Every batch they make is roasted and bagged in-house before being shipped for subscription and mail-order customers.
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