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Where Can I Shop Online in West Palm Beach for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Thanksgiving is this Thursday, however, immediately after we have Black Friday and then Cyber Monday. While Black Friday is commonly seen as an in-person event, the pandemic has made things a little different this year. Instead of only shopping online for Cyber Monday, we suggest shopping online for the entire weekend. Below we have listed a few stores in the West Palm Beach area where you can shop online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Buy Clothing, Shoes, Oils, and More Online

Black Friday deals
  1. Wild Lotus. Located at 508B Northwood Road, this shop offers bohemian style jewelry, accessories, and home decoration. Every piece of jewelry sold is handmade with both casual and elegant styles.  The store also offers both full-size and twin size tapestries for anyone who wants to add something to their bedroom or dorm room.
  2. Carter’s. Whether you have your own kids or a few nieces or nephews, you probably want to spoil them a little bit. This kid’s clothing store offers sizes for premature babies up to size 14 for boys and girls. To complete the outfit for your little companion, you can also buy a pair of shoes. They are currently having a Early Bird Black Friday Sale that provides 50 to 60% discount off the entire store.
  3. Perfect Oil. Essential oils have become more popular over the years. More people are using them as a way to make their home smell nicer or as a form of aromatherapy to soothe headaches or to reduce stress. This store has been around for 30 years and has received more popularity in the past 10 years. Their list of products include 100% pure essential oils, home fragrance oils, and handmade natural soap.

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