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Automobili Lamborghini Becomes First Super Sports Car Manufacturer to Join TikTok

First created in 2016, TikTok is video-sharing social networking site targeted towards Millennials and Generation Z. On this app you can share short videos that last anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds long. TikTok creators produce comedy videos, makeup videos, dance videos and much more. In 2020, TikTok gained more popularity as people had to stay home due to the pandemic. This resulted in several brands choosing to join the social networking site as well.

Automobili Lamborghini joined TikTok at the end of October making it the first super sports car manufacturer to join the app. Read on as we talk about their first posts and why they decided to join.

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Expanding the social media brand one social network at a time

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As we mentioned above, TikTok is mainly aimed toward Millennials and Generation Z. Lamborghini took this as an opportunity to reach and connect with a younger audience. The Lamborghini TikTok channel will be an account where young Lamborghini fans can go to learn more about the brand in a more fun way while still maintaining the elegance and innovative style of the brand. The content team will also work with other creators to create these fun, engaging, unusual, and informative videos.

The first video that Automobili Lamborghini posted received over 3 million views and 26% engagement in just one weekend. Lamborghini has always had a strong presence on social networking apps with Instagram being their most popular. They have gone from 23 million to 28 million followers in one year, making it one of the top super sports car brands on Instagram. On Facebook, they have 12.9 million followers and on YouTube, they have 1.6 million subscribers.

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