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Where Can I Go Hiking in the West Palm Beach Area in 2021?

Best Hiking Trails to Visit in West Palm Beach, FL in 2021

We’re at the end of the January which means we’ve gone through one month of a new year! Just like every year, you might have written a list of resolutions or you’re still trying to figure out your resolutions. A popular resolution is to workout. We thought we would help you achieve that resolution while also getting you out in nature. Keep reading as we list the best hiking trails to visit in West Palm Beach in 2021!

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Keep up with your resolutions while enjoying nature

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  1. Hog Hammock and Promontory Trail Loop. This 4.1-mile loop trail is accessible year-round and is friendly for all ages and skill levels. This trail features wildflowers, wildlife and as the name implies, hogs. Many people use this trail for hiking, bird watching, and nature trips. Dogs are not allowed on this trail.
  2. Apoxee and Owahee Trail Loop. This trail is a fairly trafficked 4.2-mile loop located near a lake. This trail is great for all ages and skill levels. As of September 2020 the Apoxee is closed due to flooding so only the Owahee Trail is open for hiking. This trail is great to truly enjoy the wetlands of Florida. No dogs are allowed to go on this trail.
  3. Grassy Waters Preserve Trail. If you want to enjoy a day of hiking, this 26.7-mile trail should be your top pick. Grassy Water Preserve Trail is open year-round and is great for all ages and skill levels. The trail features a lake, wildflowers, and lots of wildlife. Strollers, mountain bikes, and wheelchairs can all go on this trail. There are no dogs allowed on this trail.

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