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Where to get a battery tender installed on your exotic car near West Palm Beach

Battery tender installation in South Florida

There are a lot of reasons why a battery tender or a battery maintainer is important, especially to supercars. If you want or need a battery tender installation in South Florida, especially near West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas, then Lamborghini Palm Beach is ready to help with our world-class service department.

battery under the hoodDoes a battery tender improve the lifespan of your battery?

Batteries do not like draining below a certain threshold. Doing so can actually cause permanent damage to the battery. Granted, batteries are relatively cheap compared to the cost of your supercar. There’s nothing good about getting ready to go for a Sunday drive only to find that your battery is dead.

Disconnecting the battery entirely can assist in this. However, all your supercar’s systems that rely on a constant supply of power may need adjusting or reprogramming once you reconnect the battery. The best thing to do for the lifespan of your battery, for the well-being of your exotic car, and your own sanity is to simply get a battery tender installed.

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Lamborghini Aventador orange back view in a garageHow to use a battery tender once it’s installed

A battery tender couldn’t be simpler to use. It has a lot of electronics in it designed to give your battery the charge it requires to provide the longest lifespan and the healthiest startups, but using it is a piece of cake.

Once a battery tender is on your vehicle, there will be a plug or port that you can access. We try to put it in the most convenient place possible, but every supercar is different. You just have to plug into that port with the right hardware, make sure you’re plugged into a standard wall outlet, and you are good to go. Just don’t forget to disconnect that cable before you get up and go.

Other additional services available at Lamborghini Palm Beach

There is a lot that we can do at Lamborghini Palm Beach. Of course, we can handle any exotic car service that you may need. Whether you have a Lamborghini or some other supercar model, we can help. We can also handle paint/chrome wheels, dent repair, wheel repair, window tint, infotainment system repair, and any detailing service that you need. In short, we offer a lot of additional services that you can take advantage of.