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Can Lamborghini make medical supplies for COVID-19?

What is Lamborghini doing to help with the coronavirus outbreak?

All across the world, countries, cities, and communities are dealing with the outbreak of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. Initially, even Lamborghini closed its factories in order to prevent spread inside their facilities. Now that has changed. What is Lamborghini doing to help with the coronavirus outbreak?

Lamborghini seamstresses making surgical masks

Can Lamborghini make surgical masks?

Unlike most auto manufacturers, Lamborghini does onsite upholstery work by hand. This means they are actually uniquely suited to being able to produce surgical masks. Their expert seamstresses can craft miracles out of upholstery. Surgical masks are definitely within their abilities.

With the help of the University of Bologna and the oversight of the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences, the personnel in the upholstery department are able to produce 1,000 masks a day. At present, they are being donated to the Malpighi Hospital in Bologna.

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Lamborghini tech making medical shields

Can Lamborghini make medical shields?

Masks are not the only thing that Lamborghini can make. Over at the carbon fiber production plant and in the research and development department, Lamborghini employs several 3D printers. With these printers and resources on-site, Lamborghini is able to make medical face shields as well.

With similar oversight from medical professionals, Lamborghini believes it can produce up to 200 medical shields per day. The more people and businesses that can do their part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the sooner we can get back to normal and enjoy our Sunday drives again without fear.

What is Lamborghini Palm Beach doing to help with the coronavirus outbreak?

At Lamborghini Palm Beach, we want to remain available and functional for our customers during this time, but we also want to be as responsible as possible. We had already shut down our showroom ahead of the lockdown, but we are still here for you.

Below, you can read our blog post all about the actions we took. Under any stay at home order, our service center plans to remain open. For the most information on what we are doing and what services we have available please give us a call. We always love hearing from our customers, especially during these trying times.

Lamborghini Palm Beach COVID-19 Response