Lamborghini Huracan with Lamborghini bags in front

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Does Lamborghini have their own line of travel gear?

Lamborghini isn’t just a supercar company. It is also a lifestyle. Like any good lifestyle, there’s a wardrobe that goes along with it. Lamborghini has long offered lines of apparel. Recently they have even expanded into kids’ apparel, but what about travel goods like bags and backpacks. Does Lamborghini have their own line of travel gear?

Lamborghini bags in the seat of an UrusWho is making Lamborghini travel gear?

Lamborghini knows cars, it knows style, but it doesn’t know how to make travel gear. That’s why they have developed a strong partnership with Principe. Principe is a fashion company based out of Italy that specializes in leather goods. They have been identified as the best company to bring the Lamborghini travel gear vision to life.

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Lamborghini purseWhat types of travel gear will be made?

If you have a travel gear need, Lamborghini will soon be able to help. You can expect backpacks, trolley bags, satchels, other bags (including cross body bags), and more. Whether you need gear for a big trip, something for the office, or even something for school, you will soon be able to find the perfect Lamborghini accessory.

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Other small Lamborghini leather goods

Leather luggage and travel gear aren’t the only products that are getting the Lamborghini treatment. In addition, they will be unveiling other smaller leather goods including belts. When you want to be covered head to toe in Lamborghini wear, Lamborghini can make it possible.

Lamborghini Urus with a man carrying a bagWhen and where will Lamborghini leather goods be available?

Lamborghini and Principe are set to distribute these Lamborghini leather products internationally. Initially, it will roll out in Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. You may have noted that there are a few key markets missing.

Do not fear because the rollout will continue and include Japan, China, and the United States of America. You will be able to find such goods in specialist outlets, duty-free shops, department stores, many major airlines, and more.