Halloween trick or treaters

Find the perfect Halloween costume in WPB

West Palm Beach costume shops for Halloween 2019

Halloween is nearly here. If you don’t have the perfect costume yet, then you better head out to a costume shop. We are here to help you out with that. See our list of the best West Palm Beach costume shops for Halloween 2019.

Mr. A’s Magic and Costume Shop

City: West Palm Beach, FL
Address: 4115 Parker Ave

Everything from Elmo to Darth Vader is an option at Mr. A’s. If you are looking for the perfect rental, then you’ll have a lot of options to choose from at this magic and costume shop. While you’re there, you can even indulge in your magical fantasies.

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Halloween trick or treaters

RIP Halloween Costumes

City: West Palm Beach, FL
Address: 419 Lakeview Ave

At RIP Halloween Costumes, you can find costumes from all your favorite universes. Whether you are looking for your favorite superhero, a fantasy creature, or something else entirely. They even have costumes for your four-legged friends for the dog park!

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Hollywood Costumes

City: Lake Park, FL
Address: 2739 Northlake Blvd

This place is perfect if you don’t know who or what you want to be for Halloween just yet. With costumes and props for every occasion and thousands of options available onsite, they are the costume kings and the cosplay headquarters.

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Spirit Halloween

City: West Palm Beach, FL
Address: 4266 Okeechobee Blvd

From infants to adults, everyone can find a costume at Spirit Halloween. If you don’t feel like driving out, you can even get the costume of your dreams shipped directly to your door. They even have a huge assortment of decorations, props, and more.

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Costume tips for the 2019 Halloween season

Dressing for the occasion is first and foremost. If you are going door to door with kids, you may want to shy away from the dark-colored clothing. Just because you can see the cars does not mean that they will see you.

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If you are going out to a party, then you don’t have to worry so much about blending into the darkness. However, if drinking is your intent, be sure you have a safe way home or a reliable place to crash for the night. Also, you may want to avoid elaborate costumes that will make tripping a major hazard.

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