Lamborghini Aventador S Coupe Green on a track

How does four-wheel steering work?

What are the advantages of Lamborghini four-wheel steering?

You may have heard of the latest Lamborghini, the Aventador S, but did you know that it has four-wheel steering? That’s a huge deal, and we are here to explain all the advantages of Lamborghini four-wheel steering while also delving into how this unique system works.

Lamborghini Aventador S Coupe interior black and yellowWhich Lamborghini models have four-wheel steering?

Four-wheel steering comes standard on the Aventador S Coupe and the soon to be released Aventador S Roadster. Both of which represent the not only the latest iteration of the Aventador, but the future of the Lamborghini brand as a whole.

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Why does the Aventador S have four-wheel steering?

Though four-wheel steering is not a new idea, it is utterly foreign to the realm of supercars and hypercars like the Aventador S. Lamborghini saw this as wasted potential. They knew that implementing such a steering system into such an insane vehicle would be difficult, but when has Lamborghini ever stopped because something was hard?

By allowing the rear wheels to turn, the Aventador S can deliver an unparalleled level of control whether you are making fast corners or simply small corrections at speed. The rear wheels do not operate like the front wheels though. They have their own logic that adapts to your driving situation.

At low speeds, the rear wheels will turn the opposite direction of your front wheels allowing the Aventador S to achieve a ridiculously tight turning radius. At high speeds, the opposite happens. This makes the car more stable even when going fast.

Can four-wheel steering be combined with four-wheel drive?

This is a common question, and most auto manufacturers would say no, but Lamborghini is not most auto manufacturers. Four-wheel drive, especially at the performance level, is a ridiculously complicated system. The same can be said for four-wheel steering, which makes the combination of both difficult for many manufacturers to grasp.

With the Aventador S though, Lamborghini has done the impossible. Not only do all four wheels receive power, but they can also all participate in a turn. In fact, Lamborghini has optimized the new four-wheel drive system specifically to operate with rear-wheel steering.