Lamborghini Urraco front view

What does Urraco mean?

What is the Lamborghini Urraco?

Anytime we take a look at a model of historical significance from Lamborghini, we have to spend a little time discussing what its name means. As you have already guessed, it does relate to bullfighting. In fact, Urraco means “little bull” and it is the name of a smaller breed of fierce fighting bulls. This makes it a very fitting name for the Urraco as you will learn below when we answer the question: what is the Lamborghini Urraco?

Lamborghini Urraco front exteriorWhere did the Urraco fit into the Lamborghini lineup?

The Urraco was being developed alongside the Countach and it debuted a year before the Countach did in 1973. Essentially it was built to be an “entry-level” Lamborghini in line with prices of Porsche models of the day.

It would be the smaller brother to the Countach. Perhaps due to low sales, it did not stick around nearly as long. Lamborghini would revive the idea of having two performance models like this with the Murcielago and the Gallardo and later continue with the Aventador and the Huracan today.

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Lamborghini Urraco back exteriorWhat made the Urraco unique?

The Urraco was a mid-engine two-door car, just like the Countach. However, it actually had four seats in what is commonly referred to as a 2+2 coupe format. The Urraco was only made from 1973 to 1979 making it much shorter lived than the Countach which was built from 1974 to 1990.

In that time, Lamborghini only produced 791 Urraco models. This does not make it the rarest Lamborghini model in terms of production numbers, outside of Lamborghini few-off models like the Centenario, the Silhouette owns that spot firmly with only 54 models produced. However, since the Urraco only became sought after years later, they are an extremely rare sight even amongst enthusiasts.

What engine did the Urraco have?

The Urraco engine is another interesting matter. It only ever had a V8, but as the car had four seats, and still put the front row of seats close to the middle of the car, there wasn’t all that much room in back for the transverse-mounted engine.

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What they came up with when the Urraco debuted was a 2.0-liter V8. This is smaller than many four-cylinder engines of today. During the Urraco’s lifetime, Lamborghini increased its displacement to 2.5 liters and later 3.0 liters.

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