Lamborghini Urus blue back side view

How to customize a Urus at Lamborghini Palm Beach

Can you order a Lamborghini Urus in West Palm Beach FL?

The Lamborghini Urus is the first of its kind. A true Super Sport Utility Vehicle or SSUV. With a form factor that puts it up against performance SUVs but with real supercar DNA, you will want one of these. Can you order a Lamborghini Urus in West Palm Beach, FL? Of course you can, and Lamborghini Palm Beach is here to help.

How to order a Lamborghini Urus in Southern Florida

Though you can play around with the online configurator, you will still have to go through a dealership like Lamborghini Palm Beach. Buying any Lamborghini is a bespoke process, and you will want to learn about all your options from a trusted team that has helped countless clients get the Italian supercar or SSUV of their dreams. To start that process, you can either learn more about the Urus on our research page or reach out to us directly through our contact us page.

Lamborghini Urus front view in multiple colors

Lamborghini Urus yellow blue and white front and side viewsWhy choose Lamborghini Palm Beach?

Lamborghini Palm Beach has years of experience with Lamborghini. Not only do we sell them, but we also service them, provide parts and accessories for them, and we even have a lifestyle boutique for all your Lamborghini apparel and memorabilia.

With years of Lamborghini brand experience, we are the right team to provide your next Italian supercar or your first SSUV. We can even help you through the financing process whether you are looking to buy or lease.

Lamborghini Financing in Palm Beach

Lamborghini Urus black interior with dash and center consoleWhat are your Lamborghini Urus customization options?

We could write a long list here. In fact, we’ve already made several blogs just to highlight a few of your Urus options including your seating options, some of your color options, and even your sound system options. In short, nearly everything on the Lamborghini Urus, both inside and out, can be customized with a myriad of options.

Lamborghini Urus vs Tesla Model X

Does Lamborghini Palm Beach have any Urus models in stock?

Though we usually have a demonstrator model available so that you can try a Lamborghini model such as the Urus, most of our Lamborghini models are made to order. However, you can feel free to check our current inventory to see if we have anything that might interest you.